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How To Purchase and Use An Air Pump

When most people think of an air pump, they think of a ball that air is being added to, so it is not deflated and can be used. But, is that all they are used for? Not in the slightest! Air pumps can be used for a variety of purposes, including the inflation of balloons, air beds and can even be used in an aquarium. Did you know it can even be used for gas or liquid purposes? What else could you use air pumps for?
The pump works by either manual labor or electrically through the use of an automatic pump. The easiest to use, is a manual pump which does not require the use of wires, electricity and is deal for situations in which these things are not available. Manual pumps require exertion by the operator and can be very tiresome if there is only one operator. When a pump is automatic or uses electricity of some sort, pumping takes very little time and manual pumping is no longer needed. Automatic pumping allows air the job to be completed quickly. Thinking of using an automatic pump? Here are a few fool-proof tips for using an automatic air pump.

1. Settings- Look for a variety of settings on your unit which may range from high to low inflation settings. The higher the setting, the more it will inflate, but may sure that you do not over inflate your object or it will burst and break. It is very important to know your machine and read all instructions that were included in the package with your air pump. Knowing your machine makes it easier to operate and use without fear of accidents.

2. Nozzles- Most models come with at least 3 nozzles which can vary in size and shape to accommodate any object. If you are unsure of which one to use, try the one that fits as closely to the un-inflated object. The tighter the seal of the nozzle to hole without excessive force, the more work the air pump will do for you.

3. Pressure Gauge- Every unit should have a pressure gauge which lets you know when your object is successfully and optimally filled without over exceeding the amount of air you can add. Watch this very carefully to know when the air pump has done its job.

So, what is the right pump for you? Use the tips below to decide which one will suit your needs!

1. Quality- Even though you do not need to buy the most expensive air pump you can find, you do not want the cheapest either. Look for a pump that fits your needs, but is in the middle range which can almost guarantee that you have chosen a good quality product. Look for a special symbol to show that it is certified to be safe and is tested as well. Ask your friends and family for a few suggestions that they have found to work-chances are you will be able to get a few good reviews!

2. Easy Use- Always read and follow all directions for your specific product. Each pump will be slightly different. By using these important instructions, you can safe guard yourself against internal and external damage of its parts due to inexperience. Always check your pump before using each time to ensure it is working properly.

3. Warning: Flammable Material- Always be cautious of what is placed around your air pump while it is on and working. Air pumps should be placed at least 2-3 feet away from any flammable material to prevent accidents which could cause bodily harm! Follow all directions given with the air pump!

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